Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring at last

Lovely, lovely spring is finally here. It's currently 81 degrees here in Central PA. I had a great workout — did almost a mile on the treadmill, plus everything else. My trainer sure can pack a lot into an hour. I also clean out some kitchen cabinets and scrubbed all the bathrooms. Now we're off to the dairy for ice cream. Oh and I wrote a letter to Rick Santorum. But I don't know if I'll mail it or not. I may have to wait a bit. Looks like Casey Jr., son of the "beloved" late Governor, is running on the Democratic side. Casey is Catholic and anti-abortion, but he's a zillion times better than Santorum. Although both Joe Hoeffel and Barbara Hafer have apparently dropped out of the primary, I am intrigued by Chuck Pennacchio.

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