Thursday, April 21, 2005

NPR sucks

I'm driving a rental car this week because the fuel pump died in my car. Anyway since it's a rental, I'm not listening to any of my music since I know I'll forget and leave the disc in the player. Which means the radio. I can't stand commerical radio, so it was either NPR or my own thoughts. I tunes into NPR.

Once upon a time we listened to nothing but our local public radio station. But over the last two years I've been growing increasingly unhappy with the NPR's news coverage. Dan Shore and Scott Simon are still wonderful but the rest are pretty biased, imho. I first noticed it when they began attacking Howard Dean. And then during the general election they gave way too much air time to the trivial and nothing to really substantial issues.

But today was the worst. Top story over and over was the shrub denouncing the Senate for being "political" and not confirming Bolton to the U.N. They played experts from his speech and quoted him and made it sound like the only thing holding but the nomination is the Democrats playing "politics." Nothing about how Republican senators are having doubts. Nothing about the increasingly substantiated charges against him. No news, just repeating endlessly Bush's lies.

I was actually considering rejoining our local station this past membership drive because they are nice folks, play nice classical music, even if their blues show is weak and jazz is nonexistent. What was I thinking?


Anonymous said...

Gee, and I thought NPR sucks because it is routinely too far to the left.

4y1n4t said...
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Anon said...

The only reason I would listen to NPR is for laughs. I like to try to emulate the commentators' snooty tone. It's as if they're all trying to vocally exaggerate how "enlightened" they are when they give their viewpoints.