Friday, October 01, 2004

Poland to Pull Out of Iraq

The Irish Times reported that Poland will follow Spain and pull its troops out of Iraq.
Poland is planning to withdraw its troops from Iraq in the coming months, dealing another blow to the US-led coalition forces there.

The revelation yesterday by a senior government adviser that Poland's 2,500 soldiers would leave Iraq comes just a day after the new Spanish Prime Minister, Mr José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, announced the pull-out of Spanish troops "as soon as possible".
In addition, Honduras and Nicaragua are leaving, although a state department spokesman declared El Salvador was "holding fast," while Albania is planning to beef up its contingent of 71 non-combat troops in the city of Mosul.

My, what a great coalition of allies our president has assembled. And don’t forget Poland. Actually I guess we can.

For more on the role of Poland and our other "allies" please check out the story by Jerome Armstrong

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Jason said...

I am proud to be Polish. what a backstab to Chimp. Thanks for the link!