Sunday, October 24, 2004

PA Senate Race: Hoeffel Closing. Donate Now

In 24 hours on Wednesday, dKos readers contributed over $7,000 from a pair of diaries about tight races in Pennsylvania. The first diary was up for a few minutes. The follow-up got recommended.

Thank you to all who donated as well as those who took a minute to read and recommend said diary. Together we raised $5,200 for Joe Hoeffel. Plus $1,000 for Ginny Schrader (House, PA-08), $800 for Lois Murphy (PA-06) and $600 for Joe Driscoll (PA-15).

I discovered late that night that Joe Hoeffel and his campaign were following our progress, and they were thrilled. And Thursday evening the next United State Senator from Pennsylvania called me up to personally express his gratitude. He told me that what we did really helped.

Please consider donating now.
Arlen Spector's number are plummeting, but Joe Hoeffel NEEDS CASH NOW. In the latest Keystone Poll, Specter was only polling at 44% and dropping. Hoeffel is still trails, but is within striking distance and closing fast. Pennsylvania does this. In 2000, Dem. Ron Klink finished with 46% of the vote against Rick Santorum, when he was polling at 35% with less than a week to go in the election. We may never get a better opportunity to dump Specter because he has a challenger on the right who is pulling 7% to 10% of the wingnut vote.

Can Hoeffel do it in time? Only if WE HELP.

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