Friday, February 11, 2005

A New Beginning

Today I finally sorted through all of my old Howard Dean campaign stuff — my lists of local members and my lists of addresses for Iowa and New Hampshire, the position papers and the fundraising letters, the official campaign literature and the stuff we made ourselves. Almost all of it went into a big plastic garbage bag to go out to the curb next trash day. I kept a few blue bumperstickers, a half dozen buttons, a pair of official bat-shaped pens, a Christmas card from Dr. Dean, a photo of the man, and a few "Commonsense" pamphlets.

After the media and the party power elite killed our campaign, I couldn't even bear to look at all that stuff. After a few months though, I started to warm up to Kerry. Late last summer I finally cleared all the Dean stuff off our dining room table and stuck in a crate. The crate went to the basement office. After the election, I couldn't face the crate. The betrayasl, the failures, the lies, the promise of what might have been.

But tomorrow Howard Dean is going to elected to head the Democratic National Committee. The one that all of the insiders tried so hard to discredit and destroy is rising again, like a phoenix.

UPDATE: Today's the day.

Please join me in contributing to the DNC through the Actblue account set up by Markos and other bloggers.

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