Sunday, November 07, 2004

Paradigm Shift

I am so sick about this election. I firmly believe that the GOP stole it. There are too many cases like this in Florida, Ohio and a lot of other places. Yes they stole it, but because of paperless voting, we’ll never know.

Three Options:

1. Leave. Canada or Europe. Maybe New Zealand.

2. Fight Back Economically. Punish the red states and those corporations that support Bush. Never set foot in a Walmart again. Ever. Shop local. Shop Blue. And turn off the damn idiot box. Cut off all contact with red America.

3. Revolution. Target GOP senators in states with Dem Governors.

There is a fourth alternative. Liberals, Progressives, Libertarians, and independents live in a reality based world. Red America doesn’t. We speak two different languages and live in two different cultures. Every significant paradigm shift in how anthropologists analyze cultures has started with linguistics. So it’s time to see what the linguists have to say. And the one who is saying it is George Lakoff. More on this soon.

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coyote said...

im heading to austrailia.