Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Future

[Update: The future is now.]

I have been thinking a lot about the future. I was emotionally devastated by Gov. Dean's lost to John Kerry. It has taken me until now to even be able to write about it. I've been following developments with Dean For America, and Trippi's Change For America, and now Democracy For America. There are still so many issues that are important to me as a mother.

Let me tell you a story. It's about my four-year-old.

You know how four-year-olds can get completely obsessed with something. For some kids it's dinosaurs; for one of my nieces it was frogs; for another niece it was Barbies. For my son, it's fish. We watch "Finding Nemo" also everyday. Thankfully it's a really good movie. While we were on vacation, we took him to see an IMAX film about coral reefs. He was in heaven. He has several books now on coral reefs, and can even find his favorite, the Great Barrier Reef, on the map. He can tell the difference between a parrot fish and a butterfly fish. His favorite fish are the deadly but exquisite lionfish.

A few days ago he said to me, "Mommy, ocean warming and overfishing are killing the coral reefs." And it's true. They are dying. In thirty years they will all be dead. My son will be 34.

One thing I keep hearing about John Kerry is that he has an exceptional record on the environment. I do not like his votes on Iraq and on a lot of other issues, but if his presidency can turn around environmental disaster that is the Bush administration, then he has my support. Bush certainly isn't going to do anything to save the coral reefs.

I don't know where I want to focus my efforts. I don't know where I could do the most good. What I'm really itching to do is organize another fund raiser. One thing I discovered through my involvement with Dean for America is that I like putting on fund-raisers. But who or what should I raise money for? John Kerry? Joe Hoeffel who is running for Senate against Arlen Specter here in Pennsylvania? Our local Democratic Party? Howard Dean's new organization?

As I try to decide, I have started a new blog on my garden, at least for this spring. There is so much happening in the spring that my once a month column in our local paper just misses. On this blog I can post more frequent columns, as well as photos, which the paper rarely has room to publish. I can also do photo essays on topics like pruning roses bushes, something it is easier to understand when you can actually see it. There is a place for readers to leave comments and ask question, too. I will updated it at least once a week, and hopefully more often than that. I'll run it through the spring, and if folks like it, I'll keep it going.

Anyway, that is the goal. When my April newspaper column runs, everyone will know about it, but I'd really appreciate some feedback before then. When you have a few minutes and enjoy gardening, would you mind taking a peek at it and letting me know what you think.