Saturday, December 13, 2003

Hosting a Meetup

A million developments in the last few weeks.
I got a mysterious package from Burlington. Surprise! It was an autographed Dean baseball bat.
My son's birthday. My first experience with hosting a kid's birthday party.
My first shot at hosting a Meetup. Our regular host couldn't be there, so I volunteered to fill in. It was great. We had new people, heard some great stories and wrote a lot of letters.
Then the Al Gore endorsement. That was a happy day.
Then I sent out my first mailing. I wanted to make sure everyone who missed the Meetup got a copy of "Common Sense." I had to laugh at myself. All along I have been talking about how when you volunteer for a traditional campaign, they stick you in a corner stuffing envelopes. So here I was stuck at the dining room table, stuffing envelopes. But it felt great going to the post office with a box of envelopes to go out into the world.

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