Monday, November 10, 2003

Democratic Party or Fox Survival Show

Letter sent to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Election watchers last week witnessed a fascinating media made cannibalism
show called, "When Democrats eat their own."

Presidential candidate, Howard Dean made a poignant remark about poor white
people being racially manipulated to vote Republican against their economic
interests. But it wasn't the Republicans, African Americans or Dixiecrats
who threw the hissy fit. It was liberal language control freaks.

Dean's mistake? He used the apparently banned term "Confederate Flag."
Democratic opponents fell all over themselves to score political correctness
points while pundits editorialized Dean's meaning beyond recognition. The
liberal anti-offensiveness disease became so epidemic that even some Dean
supporters asked for an apology.

Did I miss something? Has the Democratic Primary suddenly become a Fox
survival show where the PC police think they decide who gets voted off the
"electable" island? Now I know why seasoned politicians like Al Gore sound
so robotic. They have learned to pass language through the "offensiveness
checker" in their "conflict avoidance brain software" before they dare

As a standup, Truman-like, give 'em Hell doctor Democrat, Dean has the
potential to become the greatest populist politician of his generation if
the language sensitivity gurus would just leave him alone.

As more people TUNE IN, they are increasingly TURNED ON by Howard Dean¹s
courage, honesty and directness. We can only hope it¹s the PC
perfectionists who end up DROPPING OUT.

Common Sense Mom

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